Fund Raisings

Radha Raman Vedic Temple Board would like to thank all the devotees for their continued support towards our new project of temple expansion. This Temple is a non-profit organization run by devotees for devotees. The Temple's main income is through devotee donations and sponsorships. We urge all devotees to donate generously to the Temple so that we may continue to serve your religious and cultural needs and provide even better programs to you. The temple serves in raising awareness of Hindus in the community, If fundraising efforts succeed, our project can be completed as soon as by end of this year.

Fund raising is the most important activity to get the Temple started as soon as possible. Board encourage all Hindu community to donate generously. Here are some of common questions we've tried to answer.

Q: -What is the mission of this future temple?

A: -To provide a first rate place of worship for our growing Hindu community and thus meet its spiritual, educational and social needs.

Q: -Why do we need a bigger temple?

A: -First, we need to complete this project to fulfill all the requirements laid out by City of Placentia for a Non-Profit Org and although the temple facilities are sufficient for our daily needs, these become totally inadequate during the Saturday Programs, Sunday Pravachans, Krishnashtami, Diwali, Annakoot, and many other popular festivals. SAVC Board has concluded that the current facilities are inadequate and a expansion is required.
This new facility will provide...
-A more spacious place of worship for our growing community.
-A campus for superior educational and social activities.
-A facility for better community services. -An impressive venue for more outreach interactions with other faith groups.

Q: -Can we afford to finance this expansion project?

A:The same question was asked when we built our original temple.With a very small community and its meager resources we did it then. Now, With our strong devotee presence and growing Hindu communities around our area, why can't we do it now? God is guiding many donors to join our efforts.Yes, we can build this temple!

Q: -What are the next major milestones?

A:To start Fund Raising at a fast pace and encourage all the devotees to become temple memebers.

Q: -What are the plans to get the younger generation more involved?

A:Enhanced planning and delegation will be the key. Children/Youth programs will be designed by them for their needs. A better facility will also draw the youth.Above all, we will translate our prayers and poojas from Hindi/Sanskrit to English to keep this future generation interested in our heritage and culture.

Q: -How can you help?

A: This is an ambitious project requiring help from everyone.You can serve your temple with tan, man and dhan.We promise you that your offer to help us will not be turned down. Join our membership. Become our ambassadors. Help us spread the word. Don't count on someone else . . . We need YOU!