Management Team

Narendra Shah

Narendra Shah - Chairman

Narendra Shah has been associated with the temple for more than 40 years. He is a dedicated volunteer who loves to be an active participant in the temple. He has contributed in many management positions in the past and managed various projects for the temple. He is also a retired Chemical Engineer by education and profession.

Lal Kakani


Lal Kakani - Vice Chairman

Lal Kakani has been a congregation member of the temple for the last 25 years. He has served as President and Chairman of the board in the past. He has been conducting Gita Jayanti program for the last 10 years and recited whole 700 slokas of Bhagavad Gita. His goals for the temple are involving the younger generation for management of the temple and making this temple one of the best in Southern California.

Vikram Sachdeva


Vikram Sachdeva - Secretary

Vikram has been associated with the temple for more than 30 years, He served on Durga Jagran committee, organized the All Night Jagran, and has contributed to many other activities. He is a loving individual and always willing to extend help for a good cause.

Milan Reshamwala

Milan Reshamwala - Member

Milan has been a member of the temple for over 30 years. He has served as a board member, managed religious ceremonies, and local events, and taken up various projects to serve our congregation members. He and his family have been associated with various voluntary tasks and duties. He works as an engineer for an aerospace firm.

Lila Dhar Grover

Lila Dhar Grover - Member

Lila has been a congregation member for more than 25 years. He served at this temple as a Board Member for 3 years. His main contributions have been in organizing the temple’s regular events and volunteering for construction projects. He is a retired engineer who worked on the Nuclear Power Plant in CA for 25 years.

Operating Committee

Kundan Kumar


Kundan Kumar - President 

Kundan has been associated with temple since 1992, he has been organizing many events and volunteering to take different responsibilities for the temple. He has been part of executive committee since 2019. He shoulders responsibility for Temple Kitchen, Sunday Bhog Seva and maintenance of temple's operating infrastructure. He is President of Energy Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Madhu Garg


Madhu Garg - Vice President

Madhu has been associated with the temple for over 40 years. She has served as Secretary, Joint Treasurer and Vice President in the past. She has been involved in construction projects for service buildings, aiding in the daily function of the temple, and leading events. Her ‘can do’ attitude and positive thinking has contributed a lot for the organization. She is dedicated to this charitable non- profit organization, and committed to serve the congregation, promote peace, propagate spiritual ideals and bring the members closer together. Madhu is a retired financial analyst from a reputable pharmaceutical company.

Prabha Rathi


Prabha Rathi - Treasurer

Prabha has been an active and contributing member of the Radha Raman Temple and its community for more than 25 years. She is a committed philanthropist, dedicated to supporting education, spiritual and health initiatives. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of a global enzymes and probiotics manufacturing company. A numbers whiz with a keen eye for detail, she has been a head of the finance and accounting departments at the temple.


Rasik Patel


Rasik Patel - Secretary

Rasik is a retired engineer. He has been a temple follower for over 35 years; always willing to volunteer for any job. Rasik has taken on many responsibilities to organize various events, manage the kitchen and help with the bhog seva. Rasik has served the Gujarati Cultural Society and Indo American Seniors association in various capacities for many years. He spends his spare time with his grandkids and traveling.


Ashish Patel


Ashish Patel - Member

Ashish has been a congregation member since 1997 and is now one of the first five construction committee members of the new temple building. He loves to volunteer and take up new projects to improve the Temple’s infrastructure. He brings 15 years of engineering and management experience working with the private and government sector. In his current role as operating committee member for facilities, he is responsible for the effective use of our facilities operations and maintenance.