Balvihar - Radha Raman Vedic Temple and DIYA


Balvihar is a specialized program meticulously crafted for young groups of children, aiming to facilitate their immersion in the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, heritage, festivals, spiritual insights, and religious wisdom. This holistic learning experience is ingeniously woven together using an array of mediums such as narratives, interactive games, thought-provoking quizzes, engaging crafts, devotional bhajans, timeless hymns, profound shlokas, captivating skits, and spirited dances.

Scheduled on a weekly basis, these gatherings convene at the Radha Raman Vedic Temple’s Service Building, where eager minds assemble for a duration of 60 to 90 minutes every Sunday. Through the conduit of Balvihar, the essence of Hinduism, as illuminated within our sacred scriptures—Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Epics, and Puranas—takes root in the young hearts, nurturing them into the responsible torchbearers of tomorrow's society.

At the heart of this noble endeavor stand a dedicated cohort of voluntary educators, each impassioned to impart profound teachings that unfurl the splendor of our heritage. Their noble mission revolves around shaping character, fostering a deep-seated respect for our age-old legacy, and nurturing a genuine reverence for the past. Bolstering the foundational principles of Balvihar, a constellation of supplementary activities further solidify its vision. These encompass captivating cultural showcases, spirited competitions, and the immersive experiences of Balvihar residential or day camps.

Enrollment Form for 2023


Program Structure

Enrollment Criteria:

Children must be a minimum of 5 years old and successfully toilet trained.

Suggested Contribution:

A minimum suggested donation of $101 per child for the school year is recommended.

Donations are non-refundable and not subject to pro-rating.

Timings and Dress Code:

Each Sunday at Temple's Service Building Hall from 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM followed by 15 Min of Snack time. 

No low Shorts and Ripped Jeans


Ritu Chadha (Overall In-charge of the Program)
Shweta Chopra
Richa Sharma

Class Capacity:

Each class can accommodate a maximum of 20 students.

Two distinct groups are formed: Junior Class (Grade KG – Grade 4) and Senior Class (Grade 5 – Grade 8).

Attendance Guidelines:

Timely arrival and preparedness for learning are expected.

A maximum of 5 unexcused absences during the school year is permissible; exceeding this may result in withdrawal.

Parental Involvement:

Inclusivity is our goal, and parents may be invited to volunteer for various school-year activities.

One of the parents needs to be onsite while class is going on

Each family is encouraged to sponsor an aarti session (potentially once per school year) and provide snacks for students as needed during events.

Junior Class – Curriculum (Grade KG, 1, 2, 3, 4)




Hindu values

Indian states and cultures, rivers


Hindu Gods & Religious ceremony

Hindi – Language

Alphabets, Fruits, Vegetable

Body Parts

Introduction & common greeting phrases


Hindu Gods & Religious ceremony

Bal Ramayana

Bal Bhagavatam (Krishna Leela)

Hindi – Language


Building sentences

Basic writing

 Senior Class – Curriculum (Grade 5,6,7,8)




Hindu values

Indian states and cultures, rivers and festivals

Hindu Gods & Religious ceremony


Bhagavatam (Krishna Leela)

Hindi – Language


Building sentences

Basic writing Build paragraph

Story telling


Saints of India

Ramayana Characters

Bhagavad Gita values

Mahabharata and its characters

Shiv Mahima

Hindi – Language