Management Team


Lal Kakani


Lal Kakani - Chairman

Lal Kakani, a dedicated member of the temple for the past 25 years, has actively contributed to its growth and development. He has held positions as President and Chairman of the board. Notably, for the past decade, Kakani has been conducting the Gita Jayanti program, personally reciting all 700 slokas (verses) of the Bhagavad Gita. Recognizing the importance of engaging the younger generation, Kakani aspires to involve them in the temple's future management. He believes in fostering their active participation and leadership to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the temple.


Narendra Shah



Narendra Shah - Vice Chairman

Narendra Shah's association with the temple spans over three decades, during which he has taken on numerous management positions. Furthermore, Shah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, given his background as a retired Chemical Engineer and an Entrepreneur. His insights have proven invaluable in making informed decisions to benefit the temple and its congregation members. Overall, Narendra Shah's commitment, combined with his extensive management experience and technical proficiency, make him an asset to the temple.


Shiv Garg - Secretary

Shiv Garg seized the opportunity to serve the temple as a volunteer few years ago. Over the past four years, he actively contributed to various projects, especially making a significant impact during construction of the new temple. His instrumental role in establishing the temple's IT infrastructure, website, and live streaming capabilities helped attract new congregation members and shape the temple into the modern form it is now. He also took charge of leading events and organizing major festivals. He is a young entrepreneur having extensive experience in managing large IT Projects.




Raj Shah - Member

Raj Shah, a devoted member of the Temple for over 30 years, has been an integral part of its journey. Previously serving as Chairman of the Board, he spearheaded essential initiatives such as project management and permitting for the Temple's new facilities, including the service building. Along with his background in Project Management and Business Development within the energy sector, he has mentored graduate students from Cal State Fullerton's Entrepreneurship Program. Shah strongly advocates for the involvement of young individuals in volunteering and assuming management responsibilities within our Temple.


Manohar Shroff - Member

Manohar Shroff has been an active participant in the Radha Raman Temple since the mid-1990s. With a construction industry background spanning over 50 years, he has played a significant role in the temple's construction and maintenance endeavors. He remains enthusiastic and eager to contribute to the temple's ongoing work. Shroff has previously served on the temple board, holding positions such as secretary and president.

Operating Committee


Madhu Garg - President

Madhu Garg has a longstanding association of over 30 years with the temple. Throughout her involvement, she has held various key positions, including Secretary, Joint Treasurer, and Vice President. Known for her proactive and optimistic approach, Madhu's 'can do' attitude has greatly benefited the organization. With unwavering dedication, she is committed to serving the congregation, fostering peace, propagating spiritual ideals, and promoting unity among the members. Madhu brings with her the experience of a retired financial analyst from a reputable pharmaceutical company.


Rasik Patel


Rasik Patel - Vice President & Treasurer

Rasik Patel has been a devoted follower of the temple for more than 30 years. Known for his willingness to volunteer, he actively takes on numerous responsibilities, including organizing events, managing the kitchen, and assisting with bhog seva. Beyond his involvement with the temple, Rasik is a retired engineer who has dedicated his time and skills to the Gujarati Cultural Society and Indo American Seniors association. During his leisure time, he enjoys spending quality moments with his grandchildren and exploring new destinations through travel.



Ashok Jena - Secretary

Ashok Jena, a devoted Jagannath devotee, has been serving the Radha Raman Vedic Temple for the past two years. Prior to joining Radha Raman Temple, he held the position of President at the Jagannath Society of California (JSC). Demonstrating his commitment to spiritual and social causes, Ashok has actively engaged in multiple fundraising activities both in the US and India. He expresses deep gratitude to the spiritual organizations for providing him with opportunities to serve the divine. Professionally, Ashok specializes in developing and managing software products for online collaboration and communication.




Bharat Bhagat - Joint Treasurer 

Bharat Bhagat has been volunteering at the temple for over 20 years. He is always eager to offer his services as a volunteer, donor and supporter. With deep devotion, he actively participates in various tasks at the temple, showing enthusiasm to help wherever he's needed. Bharat takes part in all operational initiatives, stays informed about ongoing activities, and also help in managing the temple's finances. Bharat is an entrepreneur who successfully runs a family business. Bharat's dedication extends beyond his family to his community, striking a harmonious balance between his spiritual and professional pursuits.



Sonal Shah - Member

Sonal Shah has displayed unwavering devotion to the Radha Raman temple for over 25 years. She actively engages in organizing events; taking on the responsibility  for Temple Kitchen, Sunday Bhog Seva, and maintenance of the temple's facility. Sonal considers herself truly blessed to have the opportunity to contribute her hospitality and services to the temple, enriching the community's experience. Professionally, she oversees billing and insurance processing at a dental office.