Mata Ki Bhetey Team

Sudesh Bhardwaj

Sudesh Bhardwaj is a name reckoned among top musicians in Southern California. Since moving from New York to Los Angeles in 1991 he has enthralled audiences in almost all temples and Indian homes with his mellifluous God gifted voice singing Bhajans or Mata ki Bhaints which transcends one into a different world.

Bhardwaj’s musical abilities were initially influenced by his father Prof. G.C. Bhardwaj, a renowned music teacher and artist of repute in Delhi and later trained by Ustad Hafiz Ahmad Khan and legendry Begum Aktar during his involvement as an actor in Theater. He is an accomplished Radio and Doordarshan TV artiste and playback singer.

Having retired in 2011 as a top executive from a software company in Los Angeles he now leads a relaxed life with his equally talented wife Devika and helps his children in Car Wash business. He continues with his passion of singing and performs Bhajan concerts and Mata Ki Chowki on regular basis all over the US.

Angrez Gill

Angrez Gill is a well-recognized musician in the state of California. He has performed at multiple events of all sizes in the cities of San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and the greater Southern California region. Gill fell in love with music at the young age of 6 when he was just in the 3rd grade and has remained passionate about it throughout his life. That passion motivated him to teach himself the art and perfect his vocals. Gill’s dedication took him to perform on Doordarshan in Jalandhar, India as well as many other Punjabi cultural programs. He moved to the United States in 1990 in search for a better life and found success in his endeavors, while keeping his love for music alive. Gill and his family’s dedication to the temple and its well-being are apparent through their efforts and presence at temple events. He continues to pursue his passion by performing at Mata Ki Chowki’s at the temple on a consistent basis and can be seen immersed in the Bhajans.